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AVS core cutter is the ideal machine to obtain at any time plastic or cardboard cores of various diameters and lengths.
It allows avoiding cores storage and thus savings in operating costs.
The high productivity and automation systems exclude the presence of the operator in the production process making possible to amortize the initial cost of the machine in a short term. The cores cutter machine designed by AVS srl is a winning bet of our company, gratified in time by the interest that our costumers put on it. Available in manualsemi-automatic and fully automatic version for cores made of cardboard, plastic and others (polyethylene).
The cutting system with circular blade ensures a clean and precise cut, minimizing powder residuals. 
The machine for its practicality is particularly suitable also for those who have frequent exchange measures problems, with simple automatic settings, set via a Touch-Screen panel.

MANUAL (TA10S): Base machinery, not upgradable, available for cores up to 275 mm external diameters.

SEMIAUTOMATIC (TA10-TA20): It represents the basic version of the machine, completely managed by the operator both from the first loading phase to the final unloading phase. The cutting operations are handled by the operator who, once the cutting parameters have been set by means the operator panel and positioned the core stopper, accoarding to the cut to be carried out, must position the core to be cut and remove the cut pieces.

AUTOMATIC (TA10-TA20): It is the most developed version of the core cutter, characterised by the totally automatic management of the anime cutting recipe. This is set on the control panel by the operator, which will be used only for the loading and unloading functions of the cores. This is made possible by the present of an automated pusher and by a series of sensors able to read the diameters andlength of the cores, during the pre-cut phases. It is possible to insert, during the unloading phase, acontainer basket suitable for the recollection of the variouscut pieces of the cores during the cutting operations. The automatic version of the machine also presents a series of optional, if requested by the costumers, relating to the loading and unloading phases of the cores, including:

  • The presence, during the loading phase, of a plan that allows the operator to load on the machine more cores of the same diameters ( up to a maximum of two for the cores of 20″, seven for the cores with diameters of 3″)
  • The presence, during the unloading phase, of a plan that allows the operator to unload more cores of the same diameters from the machinery
  • The possibility of adding automatic means (flag cranes, half-moving arms) used to move the cut souls
  • The possibility of supplying the machinery of products marks different from EUROPEAN CE (e.g. UL/CSA for Usa and Canada)

Our core cutter is an indispensable equipment for any company needs to:

  • Finished product quality
  • Immediate availability of the core on the wanted size
  • Total reduction of warehouse space
  • Total elimination of unusable and / or unused product (with the use of a clamp)
  • Daily and / or weekly schedule of the cuts with division of the cut product and its identification.



AVS srl Advanced Versatile Solutions