Dust Extraction Guards

AVS srl Advanced Versatile Solutions

carterature aspirazione polveri guards dust extraction

The structure measures in plan 20,70×5,73M. The minimum height under the movable roofs is 4,08M, while under the fixed roof is 4,75M. Columns and transoms are made with tubular profiles, while the beams on which the roofs are resting are HEA120. On the lateral and service side there are polycarbonate panels, while those on upper service side are in antistatic polycarbonate. Insulated panels are mounted on the trasmission side. The service side is fitted with 5 sliding doors and a swing door, while on the trasmission side there is a swing door. The cover is made with three movable roofs and one fixed.

The description represents one of the works we have carried out for information about the characteristics of the machinery.

We guarantee the production to measure upon request of the costumer.

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